ArtsWork in Education recognizes the importance of training teachers and teaching artists to work collaboratively to create academically rigorous projects that engage students in the arts processes.

Twice a year AWE conducts a symposium to orient new teachers and teaching artists to arts integration. During these events, teachers and teaching artists learn how to develop a unit that combines academically rigorous content with the arts processes. Advanced training on specific topics is provided for those who have already completed projects and are interested in refining their skills in project planning and implementation. These experienced teachers and teaching artists are important peer-to-peer resources for others who are just being introduced to AWE and arts integration.

While projects are underway, AWE coaches provide regular observations and feedback on the progress of projects, and assist with the documentation of process and outcomes. AWE coaches also hold monthly professional development sessions with artists to address questions or challenges they are facing as they work in classrooms.

At the conclusion of the fall and spring sets of projects, AWE hosts a culminating event that gives teachers, artists and students the opportunity to share and reflect on their work. AWE considers these events important opportunities to exchange lessons learned and celebrate successes.