Projects: Social Science

Aaron Molyneux and Jason Valley, inquiries teachers at A3: Academy of Arts and Academics, worked with Kristie Johnson, a printmaker and AWE teaching artist. Working collaboratively, Molyneux, Valley and Johnson inspired students to find their artistic, social and scientific voice through the World Change Project. Embracing the rigors of academic research, students learned about the influence of visual advertisements, propaganda and art within the historical context of the Industrial Revolution. Students then focused on current social, environmental and political issues that were important to them. Working in small groups, students developed an advertising campaign to present their findings. These campaigns included the creation of three-dimensional globes that visually represented the state of the earth under the influence of each issue, posters, collages, brochures, and PowerPoint presentations.

The goals of this project were to:

  • Discover the importance of empirical research and documentation in persuasive presentations
  • Understand the role visual imagery plays, and has played, in influencing beliefs and behaviors
  • Apply strategies for effective visual communication and design
  • Empower students to discover their own values and motivators
  • Work collaboratively as a team and individually
  • Present work in a professional and supportive environment

All project designs, processes and artifacts are copyrights of ArtsWork in Education 2009

See arts integration in action in Aaron Molyneux and Jason Valley's inquiries class.