Projects: Science

Tia Holliday, chemistry teacher at North Eugene High School worked with Kate Ali, a sculptor and AWE teaching artist. Holliday and Ali designed a project that explored the interaction of metals and non-metals to form ionic compounds through the casting of polymer models.

The goals of the project were to:

  • Deepen students' understanding of ionic compounds
  • Provide a hands-on introduction to chemical reactions in the making of polymers
  • Encourage students' fluency with general chemistry concepts (such as interpreting the periodic table)
  • Provide opportunities for students to think and act like a chemist (for example, by making precise calculations and measurements that affect a desired outcome)
  • Foster habits of mind
  • Explore the aesthetics of sculpture
  • Practice the steps of moving from concept to the creation of three-dimensional forms

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See arts integration in action in Tia Holliday's chemistry class.

Project Artifacts:

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