Projects: Math

Geometry teacher, Cody Rosenberg worked with Kate Ali, sculptor and AWE teaching artist. Rosenberg and Ali designed a project that unpacked a variety of different geometry concepts by exploring the practical and aesthetic applications of the golden ratio in architecture, art and nature.

The goals of the project were to:

  • Reinforce students' understanding of geometric concepts relating to polygons, ratios and scale
  • Explore new geometric concepts (such as the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence) and relate them to broader course concepts
  • Deepen students' understanding of the history of geometry and its practical applications
  • Foster habits of mind
  • Work effectively in groups
  • Use the habits of an artist to conceive of and realize a final creative piece
  • Explore the aesthetics of sculpture and tile making

Rosenberg taught polygons, relationships between shapes and ratios, building toward discussion of the golden ratio. Exploring geometry's use today and over the centuries became a vehicle for Rosenberg and Ali to draw students into a deeper discussion of shapes and their relationships from both mathematical and artistic perspectives.

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See arts integration in action in Cody Rosenberg's geometry class.

Project Artifacts:

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