Projects: Language Arts

Aaron Thomas, language arts teacher at North Eugene High School's Academy of Arts, worked with Jennifer Salzman a photographer and AWE teaching artist. Thomas and Salzman collaboratively designed a project that made concepts related to the craft of writing concrete. As they explored issues of perception, narrative and character while reading the novel Ricochet River, students designed photographic portrait collages of their classmates that represented their lives using words and images.

The goals of the project were to:

  • Understand the qualities of character, perspective and narrative in the novel Ricochet River
  • Explore the qualities of character, perspective and narrative through personal interviews and first- and third-person written storytelling
  • Represent ideas and tell a story using photographs and other visual images as symbols
  • Foster habits of mind
  • Explore the aesthetics of photography and collage

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See arts integration in action in Aaron Thomas's freshman English class.

Project Artifacts:

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