AWE integrated arts projects actively engage students in the key concepts of their academic classes through the process of art making. Teaching artists from a range of disciplines collaborate with teachers in the core subject areas of math, science, social sciences and language arts.

Projects are generally 10 weeks in duration and conclude with a culminating public demonstration or exhibition. Teachers and teaching artists co-lead project days in the classroom, creating an atmosphere of shared expertise.

All AWE projects are structured around a planning template that helps teachers and teaching artists identify and articulate themes, standards, assessment practices and learning outcomes. AWE coaches provide ongoing support and training to help ensure that projects stay on track and meet the desired goals.

AWE projects are designed to cover content that teachers have as part of their curriculum, while providing students opportunities to learn artistic skills, and develop and practice creativity and problem-solving.

Click here to see examples of AWE projects in math, science, social sciences and language arts.