Core Artists

Teaching artists combine artistic talent with the ability to engage students more deeply in their learning by using arts processes to help them explore academic content from multiple perspectives and intelligences.

Partnered with classroom teachers, teaching artists create a learning environment where academic rigor is enhanced through students' creative expression, and learning is bolstered by students' growth as successful problem solvers.

AWE partners with and trains artists from the community colleges and local community. Some of our core partners include:

  • Katherine Ali, sculptor
  • Marti Byers, theater artist
  • Rachel Carnes, dancer
  • Tom Cervenak, graphic designer
  • Greg Gurley, theater artist
  • Kristi Johnson, visual artist
  • Dick Lennox, graphic designer
  • Mark Lewis, storyteller
  • Steve Kuever, vidoegrapher
  • Sara Nemecek, dancer
  • Andy Salzman, sculptor
  • Jennifer Salzman, photographer
  • Dan Welton, photographer