About AWE

The mission of ArtsWork in Education is to critically enhance academic rigor, student learning and achievement across all disciplines by integrating the arts learning processes into the core K-12 curriculum.

AWE puts the arts at the center of the curricula by building and supporting pedagogical partnerships between teachers and teaching artists. Partnered together, teachers and teaching artists create a learning environment where academic rigor is enhanced through students' creative expression, and learning is bolstered by students' growth as successful creative problem solvers.

Our mission is based on national research that reveals the positive impact of the arts on achievement across academic subject areas for all students from all backgrounds. To realize this mission, AWE focuses its work on six areas:

  • Training and mentoring public school teachers and college teaching artists to work effectively and collaboratively as partners in core academic classrooms to enhance student achievement to meet or surpass national and state learning standards across all disciplines;
  • Increasing the college readiness of high school students by linking them to college and university teaching artists and integrative arts resources across disciplines and grade levels;
  • Providing coherence and deepened academic relevance and understanding for high school students through arts integrated academic curricula co-planned by high school core academic subject area teachers with ArtsWork college teaching artists and mentors;
  • Researching, developing, documenting and disseminating, on local, regional and national levels, the best practices for integrating the arts into the core academic curricula in education;
  • Serving as a clearinghouse for information and resources to ensure long-term advancement and sustainability of integrative education through capital development and resource sharing;
  • Fostering partnerships that help ensure that all Oregon teachers, students, and communities gain access to the tools, knowledge and expertise they need to successfully integrate the arts in education and enhance cultural understanding to advance academic and life achievements.